Our Services

We offer turn-key solutions for your public art production needs, and firmly believe in offering our clients convenient and transparent options for working with us.

Our services can be broken down into two main categories:

Participatory Murals and Traditional Murals.

Please review the descriptions below to learn more about the service that best suits your vision.

Additional services include: location procurement, artwork licensing, art production staffing, mural reproductions, and custom installations.


Participatory Murals: An Overview


These are site-specific mural installations that directly invite guests to pick up a paint brush and complete a mural alongside our professional artist team.

Participatory murals are most commonly used for:

  • live art events,

  • in-person experiential marketing,

  • community service projects, and

  • team bonding activities.


Types of Participatory Murals:


Popup Murals

Popup murals are painted on a one-of-a-kind structure that is both mobile and accommodates space limitations. Artwork can be taken off the structure for display when the mural is complete. Popups can include either artwork reproductions (‘Basic’ option) or original commissioned artwork ( ‘Premium’ option).


Permanent Exterior / interior Murals

Permanent murals can be painted by either a private group, or by thousands of guests for a high visibility public event. These murals result in original public artwork, widespread social media & press coverage, and give people an unforgettable feeling that they contributed to the beauty of their community.


Traditional Murals: An Overview


Traditional Handpainted Murals

These are custom curated wall-art installations, handpainted by a small professional artist team, designed to improve the overall aesthetic, mood and messaging of your location.

Traditional handpainted murals are most commonly used for:

  • interior or exterior design,

  • property rehabilitations,

  • new real estate development,

  • creative placemaking, and

  • handpainted advertising.


Types of Traditional Murals:

Artwork Reproductions

Mural reproductions are executed by our team of skilled artists. Your team can provide us with a design, either created by a single artist or by a team of graphic designers for your advertisement. Our team will then handpaint your design on a large scale for enhanced visibility and impact.

Custom Artwork Designs

Custom designs involve you selecting an individual artist from our portfolio who will design an intricate artwork that only they can produce while on site at your property. This option allows you to work with the broadest range of artists and styles, as well as on the largest sized walls.