We produce and curate large-scale public art.


Representing over twenty acclaimed artists, from up and coming locals to respected Grammy award winners, we take care of all elements of public art production such as artist selection, art design, site inspections, permitting, location sourcing, safety oversight, and overall project implementation. 


We deliver seamless, reliable and meaningful public art.

Public art installations are complicated and often fall on the shoulders of a single artist. We improve the artist and client relationship by acting as a translator between the practical demands of public art creation and the conceptual needs of art design. 

We invest a lot of energy in the early-phases of any project. This allows us to build relationships with crucial stakeholders and get clarity on exactly what we’re doing, who we’re doing it with and why it’s important for the surrounding community.

Our production process creates win-win scenarios for everybody involved.


Our resources include:


Curated Artist Folio

We represent select artists from across the globe, particularly those with expertise in graphic illustration, a track record of social responsibility and a promising career trajectory.

Our artists reflect a range of styles, from hyper-realistic, to figurative, geometric, illustrative, and abstract. Some were Art Directors at internationally respected corporations in Latin America. Others emerged from skater scenes in rural Europe. 


In-House Production

From day-one of our work together, you'll notice an incomparable attention to detail and a love for clear, easy-to-understand, efficient processes.

Each installation has a dedicated Production Manager and Art Director, committed to providing you with a rewarding and frictionless experience. We carefully consider all aspects of your installation, from relationship-management to safety needs, ensuring our work together is a true success. 


Professional Art Assistants

Public art installations require expertise from many hard-working individuals, including painters, designers and assistants who make this endeavor possible.

We pride ourselves in our team of vetted and trained Art Assistants. Each Assistant is intelligently matched to projects based on their specific strengths and interests.

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Fully Stocked Inventory

At any given time we have equipment in-stock and ready for use to execute a mural installation. We believe this adds to the reliability and quality of our work. 

Our team is deeply familiar with the tools we use, offering a unique chemistry that decreases liability for our clients and enables us to deliver better quality .


It was a real pleasure working with the Unconventional Group team. Their innovative out-of-the-box thinking and quick turnaround process keep me coming back for more.

Diego Ojeda

President, Rilea Group


Jordan and his team successfully navigated relationships with various stakeholders, listened carefully to everybody's needs and ultimately created a win-win situation for all.

Terry Frank

Chairman, Friends of The Mockingbird Trail


The professional team at Unconventional Group is attentive to detail, timely, organized, and most importantly, delivers cost effective, outstanding results!

Aileen Alon

Director of Creative Industry, OLCDC


I've lived and breathed art for many years and met many people with big dreams. But Jordan is different. His work exceeds my expectations, and his passion and respect for artists and art are rare to find.

Claudio Roncoli

Artist, Roncoli Art

We're trusted by organizations of all sizes.