Grand Peaks Properties (2017-2018)

7,000 sq. ft. of Custom Artwork

Fontainebleau, Miami, Florida


  • Grand Peaks Properties

  • Rio Apartment Complex

Services Provided:

  • Consultation on color pallet for aesthetic for apartment complex rehabilitation and artwork placement for maximum impact.

  • Curating, identifying and booking world renowned artists to custom-design artwork that specifically speaks to the aesthetic of the new apartment rehabilitation.

  • Start-to-finish oversight and project management, including coordinating staffing, navigating work-permit procedures with international artists, scheduling flights and accommodation for artists traveling from abroad, converting digital artwork renders into large-scale reproductions, securing safety and successful implementation of aerial boom lift machinery.

  • Applying Anti-Graffiti/UV Protective Coating on all artworks on the exterior of the property.


  • 180º transformation of the look and feel of the property, for current and future residents to enjoy.

  • Successful coordination of internationally respected artists representing 3 continents and 8 additional artist assistants to collaborate alongside artists.