La Centrale Food Hall & Brickell City Centre (2017)

15' x 50'

Brickell, Miami, Florida

In mid-2017, we were approached by QUINN PR: an internationally respected PR firm. One of their clients, La Centrale, was opening up a brand new food hall inspired by authentic Italian cuisine. Situated in Brickell City Centre, a $1.05 billion shopping and mixed-use project in Brickell, Miami, La Centrale was looking to leave their mark in this fast growing new neighborhood.

As part of our work together, our team identified and secured a mural location with extremely high foot traffic and public visibility. Our team successfully negotiated with Swire Properties and The City of Miami's Department of Transportation in order to get full permission to paint a permanent mural on 750 sq. ft. of Brickell City Centre's exterior facade. The mural location is underneath one of Miami's most popular MetroMover stations, in a pedestrian walkway that houses Brickell's weekly farmer's market.

In addition to procuring the mural location, our team conceptualized and executed a highly interactive public art making experience in celebration of La Centrale's grand opening. 

We designed an event that invited the public to pick up a paint brush and paint the mural alongside Grammy-winning artist, Claudio Roncoli. Over 500 local residents painted Roncoli's mural, and the full artwork took us less than 7 total hours to complete.

Prior to the event, our team conducted in-depth research into both the client (La Centrale), the venue (Brickell City Centre) and the neighborhood (Brickell). This detailed research informed our artwork and process, bringing Claudio's artistic expertise to new territory and ensuring that the community truly loves this installation. 

We are honored and grateful to have brought this project to life with so many fantastic partners.